Call 911!

BREAKING NEWS: I was hit in the head yesterday. Am I ok? Yes – and I didn’t even have to visit the ER! Ok, I wasn’t physically hit in the head –  I was hit much more powerfully. The Lord jiggled my mind spiritually. And you know what He told me? He reminded me that I had become so entrenched with the craziness of life that I had neglected my WordPress blog! I’ve done a terrible thing, I know. So, I’m going remedy this dilemma and revive my blog. And you know what? It feels GOOD :-).

Have you heard that time is a good teacher? Well, I don’t necessarily believe that time is the teacher. No, I believe that time with God truly does the teaching. My spending time with God is the most important thing to me. Now, let me elaborate on what I mean by “time with God.” I am not implying that I close myself up in my closet at 5AM and sit facing the wall for an hour while trying to converse with God and abstain from falling asleep. No, that doesn’t even come close to describing my time with God. So, when do I hang out with the God of the universe? Drum roll…ALL THE TIME because He’s with me all the time! His address is my heart. He and I go everywhere together. My time with Him never ends. When do I converse with Him? All the time! I’m a very talkative person, and let me tell you, I converse with God all day. He’s not only an amazing listener, but when He speaks, it’s spectacular. His voice is more precious than anything. It is more incredible than hidden treasure or an unlimited chocolate supply! You see, you can spend time with God and converse with Him anytime, anywhere. One way you can spend time with God is by diving into His Word. The Bible is God’s LIVING Word! Yep, He’s in there! He’s inside every page! Many times, God speaks to me through His Word. He’ll speak to you, too. Read Psalm 139 next time you open your Bible. It’s my favorite Psalm and I hope you’ll know why when you read it.

So, let me retreat to the “teaching” aspect I mentioned before. My time with God has taught me copious lessons and riveting principles. But, most recently, spending time with Him has shown me just how powerful and vast His love is. God continually drenches me in His love, mercy, and compassion. When I feel I cannot go on – when I feel I cannot pick myself up even one more time, He lifts me out of my despair. His hand pulls me out of the mud and mire and He caresses my face with his holy, loving fingers.

I don’t know what you’re going through. You may be reading this with puffy eyes stinging from a night of tears. You may be reading this with a splitting headache due to a drinking binge from last night. Friend, I don’t know your story. But, I know God adores you. I know He can lift you out of ANYTHING. He is your redeemer! He is your deliverer! Grab hold of his outstretched hand. He won’t drop you. He won’t condemn you. He wants to saturate you with all that He is – and all that He is is all that you need!

“He said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.’”
2 Corinthians 12:9a (NKJV)