Polly wants a cracker

You know what’s uncomfortable? Having GERD (Gastroesophageal reflux disease). It’s not life-threatening or anything, but it’s a real nuisance. I try to abstain from eating super spicy and greasy foods (jambalaya is definitely a no-no), I avoid carbonation at all costs, and I have to deal with agitating heartburn. A few months ago, however, I found some healthy, whole wheat saltine crackers that effectively calm the acids in my stomach. So, I try to make a habit of taking a few crackers with me whenever I’m out and about just incase a thunderstorm erupts in my stomach. Well, today, I forgot to bring crackers with me; and wouldn’t you know it, I needed some. As my stomach began to behave like a washing machine, I sought the Lord. I said, “Lord, I forgot my crackers and I need my crackers. Please help me.” And oh, what a faithful God He is! After I prayed, I was walking down a hallway and felt led to stick my head into a room I was passing. Wouldn’t you know it, there was a tray – in this very room – full of crackers that someone had left there for whoever wanted them. I was overjoyed. I ate a few crackers and within minutes, my stomach was passified. What’s my point with this story? God hears your prayers. He hears every one – even the ones about crackers. He cares about all of your needs. Do you have a need today? I’m sure you do. Pray to the Lord. Cast your cares upon Him. He wants to help you. Remember, He can do what men can’t do! He can do the impossible. You can count on Him.

“He answered their prayers, because they trusted in Him.”
1 Chronicles 5:20


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  1. Acid reflux was a constant daily companion of mine for years and years. My dad had it, and now my 20 something daughter has been seen for it. God was gracious to me a few years ago and set me free from it w/ some simple lifestyle choices…so I share you thankfulness for what you’re sharing on this post.
    On an unrelated note, I also have a note of praise regarding the “Thoughts of Ugliness” blog post I wrote (and you commented on) last week. God has gee answering prayer! Bringing those thoughts to the light has been one of the best things I’ve done in years- There is a quiet thankfulness in my heart all week- I have not been plagued by the negative stuff @ all. Its amazing how something as simple as identifying that negative thought- and then replacing it with truth can have such a powerful effect on a person’s life. God truly has been healing my self image just as tangibly has if it were a physical condition. Wanted you to know- thanks for your prayers. DM

    • (there is a type error on my comment- the word “gee” was supposed to be “been” 🙂

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