There are coffee lovers, and then there are COFFEE LOVERS. Yes, I am the “capital letters” category. And, I like my coffee strong and the caffeine potent. Basically, I want my coffee to kick me in the pants. It helps me wake up in the morning…or afternoon. Well, coffee isn’t the only thing I want bold and vivacious – I want my life to be bold and vivacious as well. Apathetic, languid living is to me like a cup of cold, watered-down coffee that’s been sitting on the table for far too long. I mean, who would drink that and enjoy it? One of the things I’ve learned in life is that passivity makes one miserable. That feeling you have when you’re not really going forward or backward is agonizing. The problem is, life sometimes puts you in such a tornado of emotions and circumstances that you revert to feeling indifferent because it’s easier or because you feel it offers you some sort of protection from being hurt – or so you think. I would like to tell you today that you don’t have to feel that way any longer and you can heal from your wounds. How is this possible? Because God is BIGGER than your problems and He doesn’t want you to feel destitute anymore. See, God is bold and vivacious and also compassionate, loving, and merciful. He’s the mighty Lion of Judah that fights for you, protects you, and looks your enemies in the face and says, “Back away from my child! I will fight for them!” And, He is the gentle Lamb who wipes away your tears, calms your fears, and welcomes you into His loving arms unconditionally. He is everything you need and more. And God, only God, can drive any kind of apathy away from you! He wants you to get up each morning full of purpose, full of a never-say-die attitude. All you have to do is lay down your cares before Him and ask Him to give you direction. If you feel aimless, tell Him. If you feel like you just don’t care anymore, tell Him. He wants you to be honest with Him. He wants you to ask Him for help. Ask Him to take your life and re-energize it with His mighty power. He longs to see you become all that He made you to be and He’s ready to place His hands on your heart and breathe life back into your soul.


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